Between 21st and 22nd of July 2023, the International Summer School on Blockchain Technology with Examples is a summer course aimed primarily at ambitious students who are into understanding of technologies and tools for application development in the blockchain environment. The school starts with presentations of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

DLT brings structure in goal-oriented information exchange. DLT enables construction of robust distributed autonomous applications, such as distributed digital file sharing and blockchain transactioning.

The blockchain school participants will learn basics of DLT. Then they will make a project with a blockchain based decision making system in order to optimize their transactions.

After successfully completing the blockchain school attendees will be able to:
– ensure security of online communication using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and
– use the blockchain system in a decision-making process.

Lectures, laboratory exercises, practical assignments, individual learning and collaborative learning are methods of knowledge transfer in the blockchain school.