The meeting was held on 7th of July 2023 and included two main technical topics:

– Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) student and research contributions at ERK 2023 (Portorož),

– ROAR-NET cost action WG interests,

The meeting was followed after the break after CIS tutorial event in the morning at UM FERI building F’s Floor 1, F-201 (former AI lab room),

Links and materials for the meeting:

– ERK 2023 conference,

– Description, MCs, main contacts and WGs of CA22137 – Randomised Optimisation Algorithms Research Network (ROAR-NET),

– Computational Intelligence Society Technical Committee’s Task Force on Benchmarking,

– IEEE CIS Slovenia,

– recent UM FERI news on conferences (GECCO 2023, ASHPC23)

– H2020 project DAPHNE at UM FERI (